Monday, November 14, 2005

Bush's New Spin

It is obvious to anyone that has looked beyond the corporate media propaganda that the Bush administration lied us into a war. But this week Karl Rove seems to be back on the job because some serious new spin is coming out of the Whitehouse this week. They're saying, "hey the congress had the same intel that we did and they came to the same conclusion and authorized us to take Saddam out." This is yet another distortion. Here's the Washington Post's take on it.

Of course the Post didn't go far enough, as ususal. These are the simple facts. The CIA had said years before that Chalabi was not credible, yet the administration realied heavily on him as a source. The CIA had twice told the administration that the Niger uranium story was bunk yet they kept repeating that story, and it even made it into the 2003 State of the Union address. The intel they based their claims that Saddam was linked to Al-Quaeda was sourced from someone who had been "extrordinarily rendered" to Egypt and tortured. The CIA had decided that that person was not a reliable source of intel because of the conditions of the interrogation. None of these facts were shared with the congress.

To summarize the administration knew they were lying, the Congress didn't. That's a big difference.

Another thing worth mentioning. The Congress did NOT authorize the administration to remove Saddam from power. They authorized Bush to use force if a list on conditions were met. The conditions included Bush getting proof that Iraq had WMDs, Iraq had something to do with the 9-11 attacks, and Iraq was a threat to the US. None of these conditions were ever met.


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