Friday, January 04, 2008

San Anselmo

The downtown shops seem to be as prepared as they are gonna be. Lots of them are closed. Lots have their inventory cleared out. The creek is really high but it has a way to go before it spills it's banks.

My camera is not working well at all. The sensor seems to be going dark. Sure it's cloudy but it's the middle of the day and I was using 1/2 second exposures just to get an image! I'm bummed. My phone takes better photos now. I wish I had a work camera here.

It's like swimming out there. I had all my goretex ski gear, my sorels, and my hat so I stayed toasty and dry. I'm gonna have lunch and go back out.

At the weather station on Red Hill, it's rained 2.47" today and 1.77" yesterday. That makes for 4.24" since it started raining at about noon yesterday.

My phone doesn't have a signal right now.


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