Sunday, June 01, 2008

My first music video

Last night my friend Stephen returned to his radio program "The Haciena with Boy Howdy" but this time on He played my cover of REM's Gardening at Night. I was inspired and made a video and posted it on youtube. It's my first youtube video. Hopefully many will follow.

When I went to upload onto youtube, I had to sign up. I was sad to discover that my normal login name of ukemike was taken. So was Ukemike, Uk3Mik3, Ukem1ke, and a few others. So I am ukemike1.

There's a lot of work that goes into making even a passable video. I did a little intro bit, which I may refine. Next time I'll add an outro or credits. The video took 9 takes before I got the acceptable one. There are still two minor slips in this one but I decided that sleep was more critical than perfection. It's funny to me that I am more likely to mess up recording a song than I am performing it live in front of a crowd.


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