Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What a fun weekend

Okay so there are no new pics this time, but Ewan and I had so much fun this weekend. On Saturday we left home about nap time and then drove over the the East Bay. He slept. I stopped by the office to grab something I had forgotten there then we drove to Tilden Park. He was still out cold so I parked in the shade and had a nap myself. When I woke up I looked at him and he was looking back. I got him out of his seat and he just wanted to lie on my chest, so we napped some more. Eventually I woke him and we went to ride the steam trains.

(warning! iffin yer in the office this website makes a awful racket!!)

It was bloody cold but we rode three times anyway. I bought him a pamphelt, "A Brief History & Technical Specifications of the Tilden Park Steam Trains." He pours over it studying each page, sometimes commenting on it. He'll say "choo choooo" "enyen" (engine) "boose" (caboose) or "night night" that's what he calls the roundhouse which is where the trains sleep.

We ate at Nations on the way home. It was nearly bedtime when we finally got home.

He's turned into my little high energy boy. He wants to chase around the house. If I pick him up and toss him he says, "more." So I do it again, and again, and again, and... He's at that stage where he wants to keep doing it until I'M worn out.


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