Friday, January 25, 2008

Flood Photos

At about 8:30 Ewan and I piled into the car and went for a drive to check out the the creek. We drove towards downtown and were able to park in the Creek Park parking lot. Lots of other people were there to see the spectacle. We were all being disaster tourists. It was really astonishing to see. At the north end of Creek Park the creek comes out from under a "bridge" that has some restaurants and shops. It was as high as the bottom of that bridge, which means it was probably choking the flow so it might have been overflowing it's banks just up stream of there. I don't know, downtown is closed and evacuated. I took some pictures with my new camera. It was pretty hard with the low light and an umbrella in one hand. Some of them turned out okay.

This photo shows the water coming out from the underpass at the North end of Creek Park. There are stairs under the water right at the bottom of the frame. Ewan and I often walk down those stairs to throw rocks into the creek. The water here is at about 13 feet. Critical flood level is 11.14 feet.

(Nikon D40, focal length 31mm, F4.5, 0.62sec, iso 1600, handheld
ps: cropped and unsharp mask)

This photo is looking North at the bridge that crosses from Creek Park to San Anselmo Ave by Michael Feldman's Gallery.

(Nikon D40, Focal length 18mm, F3.5, 1/2sec, iso 1600, handheld,
ps: unsharp mask)

Click on either photo to see full size.


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