Thursday, May 11, 2006

Like a fishy

The last two weekends Ewan and I have taken advantage of the swimming pool here at our apartment complex. For me it is still too cold. Why won't the landlords turn on the solar heat, it's not like it costs them a bundle. Ewan doesn't seem to care. On Saturday he was standing on the second step splashing when he fell forward into the water. Naturally I was there in a beat to scoop him out and wipe the water our of his eyes. He coughed for just a bit and I told him how cool it was that he was swimming just like a fishy! He wanted to get right back in.

We have a book from the library called Froggy Learns to Swim. So now he keeps bringing me his swimming suit and saying, "Swimming like a fishy, like Froggy." It could be 7 in the morning, 50 degrees and windy out and he'd want to go swimming.


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