Monday, February 12, 2007

Cascade Falls

Well my free week just passed. Ewan is back from Hawaii. He spent last night with me. He was very excited to see me when I picked them up at the airport. That made the whole drive worth it.

I did make good use of my free weekend. I made this video/slideshow on a hike up to Cascade Falls near Fairfax. It was very green. This is a rough edit. I expect to work with it a bit more.

Well it seems that google video couldn't handle changing frame rates in a video so I am hosting this one on my own website and it'll run in quicktime. (started upload at 5pm 3/11/07, may take an hour or so!)

Compared to other places I have lived, spring really seems to start in January (or even earlier) in the Bay Area. We go straight from fall to spring when the rainy season starts. Anyway it's been pretty dry this 'winter' but last week it finally started to rain in earnest so I knew there'd be lots of water. Just for reference, in the summer the river that runs through the video is just a rocky riverbed with some puddles. Also in the summer all of that intense green ground cover is yellow and going off trail risks a close encounter with poison oak. This time of year the tallest poison oak is at ankle level so off piste excursions are a bit safer.


At 2/22/2007 09:12:00 AM, Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Mike, Love the other sky video and wil look forward to the green one when you get to it. Also love the pic of the lizard half in the water and half out. How did you do that? Ewan is a doll! xox, ME


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