Sunday, January 14, 2007

Other videos

These two videos were both made in the same basic fashion. I mounted my camera on a tripod which was braced in the passenger foot well of my car. The first, and more successful, was made while driving home from San Carlos. The sky was very dramatic. I had inadvertently set the color balance setting on the camera to incandescent, which lent a blue hue to the sky. I used photoshop to post process the sky in each frame and up the contrast and emphasize the blue.

Crazy Sky

(oddly this video isn't loading as I write this. I've also noticed that all of these vids seem much darker on, and it impacts this one more than some of the others, I may adjust it and re-upload it later)

The second one is from a much longer drive. I left home around 6:30am, stopped at the office in Emeryville, then continued to San Jose. After I was done working, after 7pm, I drove home. This time I headed up the peninsula so when I got home I had completed one lap of the bay. Since the sky was very booring, I aimed the camera more towards traffic. The good part starts about half way through. The drive home at night was in the dark so I had to use very long exposures and got great motion blur.

One Lap of the Bay


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