Thursday, May 18, 2006

Indian Rock Park

Saturday was a full day. In the morning we went swimming. After his nap we went to the Tilden steam trains again, and on the way out of there we stopped at Indian Rock Park in the Berkeley hills. There are steps cut into the rock to help you get up. Once we got up he didn't want my hand holding anymore. I let him roam free and steered him clear of the edges. I used to love scrambling all over a big rock at Brighton up Big Cottonwood Canyon.

I have this picture on my wall at work, and I can't stop marveling at it. I can't get over how long his arms and legs have gotten. Even if you compare it the picture of him at the bottom of this page the change is amazing. He's not my baby anymore, he's a little boy.

Though he didn't get any new scrapes at Indian Rock Park, it seems that Ewan has entered the period in his life during which his knees and/or elbows will always have scrapes and scabs. He has a few now. He is such a tough little guy. I guess on Thursday he got a splinter in the palm of his hand. His Mom told him that Daddy would get it out. On Friday when I picked him up there he was showing me his hand and saying, "Daddy get out." So once we'd had dinner we sat down with some good light and some tweezers. It was in there too deep, so I got out a new x-acto blade and sterilized it. I told him it might hurt because I had to make a little cut to get it out. The splinter broke so I had to go in a second time. He only flinched once and didn't cry at all. For the rest of the weekend he was constantly pointing at his hand saying, "Daddy get out, plinter."


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