Tuesday, February 28, 2006

California State Railroad Museum

Last weekend Ewan and I drove up to Sacramento to the California State Railroad Museum. It was very fun. They have the largest existing steam locomotivee in the world. It was designed for hauling big freight loads over the Sierras. The exhaust output of the big steam engines was so prodigous that the engineers were suffocating in the long tunnels. So they designed these with the cab in front. The thing is 2 stories high! With the tender it is much longer than it looks in the photo.

Don't eat at the all-you-can-eat pizza buffet in Old Sacramento. The pizza slices we were less lunch than an archeological exhibit, "Pizza of the Late 20th Century."

Monday, February 06, 2006

Visit to Utah

Ewan and I went to Utah last weekend. I had a couple of days of meetings for work. Ewan stayed with my family while I was working. On Saturday we rode the old Heber Creeper, though now it's called the Heber Valley Railroad.

It runs from Heber down to Deer Creek resevoir. Ewan loved it.

Ewan had so much fun playing with his uncle and Damba (trans: Grampa)

All during the ride Ewan wanted a better look at the engine.

He also loved playing in the snow. He seemed to have no problem with the cold at all. In fact he hated his mittens. They made it hard to make and throw snowballs. He also didn't care for riding on the sled, though pulling it around was fun.

He's really a trooper. With the drive to the airport, dropping off the rental, checking in, security, waiting at the gate, waiting in the plane, flying, disembarking, getting the luggage, riding the shuttle to my parked car then driving home it's a long day, and he hardly complained. It's exhausting but I love traveling with this little guy. It's such an adventure.