Sunday, March 26, 2006

Potty Training and Playing Catch

We do things that aren't train related from time to time. It's been potty training the last two weeks. He's picking up on it pretty quickly. We got a special toilet seat with a small hole so he doesn't fall through. I guess I shouldn't get into the particulars except to day I'm proud of how well he is learning.

Last weekend I bought a little basket ball for him. He picked it out. It is a bit larger than a softball. Later that day I thought we'd start to learn to catch. I showed him how to hold his hands out in front of him and I tossed the ball to him from a pretty short distance. He caught it. First try ever and he catches it. He caught the second, missed the third, and caught the fourth. Amazing. I got out the camera to film a movie of him catching and throwing. In no time at all he was catching from 6 feet away.