Saturday, November 17, 2007

New songs/chords on my website

So far this year I've had over 2,700 page loads and 1,700 unique visitors to my website Mostly due to the chords for several songs that I like to play on my uke. Usually the visitors find my site by searching on a song name or a lyric. If you google "san francisco bay blues chords" I'm on the first page of results! If you google "grandma's feather bed chords" I'm on the first page of results. I also get lots of hits from people who search on "benefield." That would be expected since the site is Last week a google search on "benefield" returned my site as the #1 hit! Unfortunately I think I am working against a pro webdeveloper for the congresswoman Debbie Benefield from Colorado, since she has again bumped me from the top spot. Curses.

Well, anyway, I've added 5 new songs to my already great collection. Maybe this will help my pagerank. Regardless, this upstart congresswoman won't be in congress forever...