Sunday, July 01, 2007

Marin County Fair

(click on fireworks to see a short firework slideshow)

My memories of the Utah State Fair include big pigs, tacky salesmen pushing window cleaning gimmicks, and gang shootings. None of that prepared me for the Marin County Fair which is probably the biggest event in Marin County every year. It's great fun. They get slightly washed up but high quality bands to play. They have great art displays including a very quirky creative chair-sculpture contest. Firework displays are put on every night, usually culminating on July 4th. It's great fun. Ewan and I went yesterday. To save some $ I packed a backpack with a lunch of roast beef sandwiches, apples, and cookies (also sweaters for evening and the camera). We rode rides, I even gave in and let Ewan play a few of those rip off carny games.